Chimney flues must always be well-maintained and kept in good working order. Whether you are the tenant or owner of the property in which you live, local health regulations state that it is your responsibility to ensure that all your heating appliances (fireplaces, stoves and boilers) are regularly serviced.

Under current legislation

If appliances use gas or oil, the chimney must be swept once a year,

If appliances use solid fuel (wood or coal), the chimney must be swept twice a year, once prior to the period of use, and then again during the period when the appliance is in use.

It is your responsibility to use the services of a professional chimney sweep, who will issue the type of certificate insurance firms require detailing the nature of the intervention.

Sweeping the chimney involves ridding the flue of soot and other residue deposits that may prevent your appliance from working correctly.

The chimney sweep will come fully equipped with all the necessary tools for cleaning modern-day flues: protective sheeting, an industrial vacuum cleaner, special brushes (steel or polyamide; round, square or rectangular) and flexible rods.